David Eltringham, Founding Partner

David Eltringham Personal Injury Attorney

David Eltringham is a personal injury attorney in downtown Boca Raton and has been practicing law for more than 20 years. He is the CEO & Founder of the Eltringham Law Group, a concierge style personal injury law firm representing injured victims against insurance companies throughout Florida & beyond.

The foundation of David’s practice is built on integrity, character, ethics, and radical transparency. Everything the firm does, big or small, is filtered through the prism of those core values. This results in a unique & rich hyper-client centric experience that focuses on the building of enduring relationships rather than commoditizing the firm’s legal services.

Eltringham Law Group’s primary mission is first helping its clients heal & recover from their injuries so that they achieve a best possible medical outcome, while the firm’s lawyers pursue the financial justice they deserve. David believes that good health is the most important asset any of us has and understands from his own personal experience the devastating impact that injury & illness can have on both the injured victims and their loved ones.

Most recently, David developed & launched a proprietary and revolutionary personal injury case management system known as Lighthouse. Powered by Lighthouse, Eltringham Law Group consistently produces superior results for its clients far exceeding industry standards.

Lighthouse changes the way personal injury is commonly practiced and is set to revolutionize the legal industry. David dreams of a world where injured victims have access to true justice with other lawyers (outside of his firm) who believe in and practice the Lighthouse way.